Blind Spot – Mind Safety!

As we all know, there are increased activities in the Mining Sector in Mongolia, which result South Gobi to become a new home for the Giant Global Mining Equipment. Perhaps, our eyes and ears are getting used to these big monsters and their enormous productivity. More importantly, the local herdsmen are curious about the challenge operators are up againstplenty of obvious blind spots which lead to safety cautiousness. The UL Equipment Co., known as Team ULE brought the solution home and it’s a Brigade. Special thanks to customer who gave us the encouragement and an idea. The Brigade is the global leader for commercial vehicle safety system; it’s the pioneer in promoting reversing safety, they initiated the very first reversing alarm and rear detection system to the Europe and the first rear view camera monitoring system to the UK. Blind spots are the major contribution to the mine collision and accidents occurred, yet it’s a big liability and controversy for the investors.

There has been much debate about mirrors creating further blind spots and every year 400 people are killed in EU countries when drivers fail to detect objects in their blind spots when maneuvering. Camera monitor systems (CMS) have brought operator wider angles of view, clearer pictures and triggered by operator selection such as reverse gear or left indicator. In ULE, we’re determined to provide excellence in commissioning, programing and servicing the global solution as a certified service provider of Brigade, so the customer can enjoy the peace of mind securing its own asset and accident free, everyone is happy.