UL EQUIPMENT CO., have been specialized in doing custom made Go-Line.

We do everything from making electric estimate, designing the engineering drawing specific to the site requirement, fabricating the post and performing installation such as earthing & grounding, underground wiring, etc.

Once the go line fully commissioned, customers have the following advantages:

  • There will be enough lighting available around the Go-Line area for the operators and maintenance team for performing necessary service tasks without view limitations at night.
  • Each post is fixed with its very own terminal (switch box) which has permanent outlet (380 volt receptacles x 2) for connecting equipment’s engine block heater which help sustaining adequate oil ambient temperature through harsh weather in the Gobi.
  • It will help the Project with avoiding potential Safety Hazards caused by lack of environmental lighting.
  • It will help improving the downtime of the fleet caused by delay on the PM maintenance process performed at the Go-Line through night shift.