Technology in Mongolia



What is Arnco flatproofing? Well, it’s a two component polyurethane system, which is pumped into the tire as a liquid through its air valve stem, Arnco’s patented liquid polyurethane flatproofing polymer replaces all of the air and polymerises in the tyre to form a very soft, resilient, synthetic rubber core within 36 hours.

During the filling process, we will very accurately pressurise your tyres, and once set, the effective inflation pressure will not deviate under any condition of load, speed, temperature, or with the passage of time – it really is a “fit and forget” solution to your problems of punctures and explosive decompression (blow out) of the tyre – this is especially important in underground mining.

Arnco polyurethane flatproofing works in any tire with a sound casing, from the smallest (e.g. a 4.00×8 wheel barrow tyre) all the way to the mining tyres with which we are all familiar, though I should say that to get the best value out of this process, you should only really consider filling new tyres.

ULE have had to overcome many more obstacles in Mongolia than the average tyre filling operation anywhere else in the world, not least in overcoming the problems of our extreme winter climate Accurate and stable temperature contro is essential to the successful operation of a tyre filling operation. Underground mining (the principle beneficiary of this process) is a 365 day a year operation, and we needed to be sure we could provide a year round service to the industry.

Whilst I am still on the subject of ou extreme climate; Arnco’s polyurethane flatproofing works in the most adverse weather conditions; its dynamic properties have even been tested at -55° C by the University of Alaska, and Arnco filled tyres can be found working in jungles and deserts at the other end of the temperature scale.

If your operation is plagued by tyre problems, and costing your operation a small fortune; come and talk to us – we’re here to help!

By Jerry
Director of UL Equipment Co.